Recovery Stories

7 May 2019

Metro North NYC Lost & Found called STOP's hotline to report that someone turned in an iPhone that was apparently lost on a commuter train. STOP identified the registered owner and contacted them. Recovery process is underway.

4 May 2019

Good Samaritan called STOP's 24/7 recovery hotline to report that she found a backpack in a puddle with Chromebook and other items inside, soaking wet. Found near tennis courts opposite middle school in Lake Jackson, TX. STOP identified the owner in the registration database and notified them. Recovery process is underway.

26 Apr 2019

Good Samaritan called STOP's 24/7 Recovery Hotline to report he found a STOP-tagged cell phone on Dallas Area Rapid Transit. STOP notified registered owner, a healthcare provider. Recovery process is underway.

24 Apr 2019

Laptop recovered in MN by local police. Owner contacted and making arrangements for recovery.

19 Apr 2019

A STOP-tagged laptop registered to a university student in Boston, Mass. area was found at a facility on campus by a Good Samaritan who called STOP's 24/7 Recovery Hotline. STOP identified the device in our registration database and notified university police. Laptop has been returned to its rightful owner.

17 Apr 2019

Laptop abandoned on front lawn of good samaritan that called in the recovery. Contacted owner and they are making arrangements for recovery.

17 Apr 2019

A university-owned iPad was left by its user at a student center, found by a Good Samaritan who saw the STOP Security Plate, and turned in to university police. iPad returned to the university and user.

15 Apr 2019

Voicemail message in STOP's 24/7 Recovery Hotline reported that a laptop was left at TSA checkpoint at San Diego International Airport, brought to Southwest Airlines Baggage Services. STOP identified the owner by the STOP ID Number on the Security Plate, notified owner. Recovery process is underway.

4 Apr 2019

Laptop found at a college in New York. Student owner has been contacted and will make arrangements to get it back.

30 Mar 2019

The iPhone was left at a car dealership in Westbrook, CT. The owner was identified by STOP, the dealer had the contact name and the phone is being returned