Recovery Stories

4 Mar 2019

Laptop was misplaced by employee and recently recovered back to the employee.

27 Feb 2019

Former employee called to return a laptop to their employer. Employer is making arrangements for return.

20 Feb 2019

Laptop found in garbage can by janitor in Billings, MT .

19 Feb 2019

Laptop left at a trade fair. Booth next to it contacting us to get it back to the owners. Owners making arrangements to recover

12 Feb 2019

An employee left a company-owned laptop in the seat pocket on American Airlines flight from Dallas-Ft Worth to Chicago O'Hare. AA found the laptop and notified the owner. Laptop is being recovered.

7 Feb 2019

Taxi driver from Chicago, Illinois called STOP's 24/7 recovery hotline to report that a passenger left his laptop bag in the cab. STOP identified the owner in our registration database and notified the owner, who has recovered his laptop.

1 Feb 2019

A company-owned STOP-tagged laptop was lost by its user at Dulles International Airport, Washington DC and turned over to Lost & Found, who contacted STOP. We identified the registered owner in our database and notified them. Recovery process is underway.

24 Jan 2019

Good Samaritan engaged in a live chat at STOP's website to report that he found a STOP-tagged laptop in a park near a road in Oak Dale, California. STOP identified the registered owner by the STOP ID Number provided by the Good Samaritan and notified the owner, who recovered the laptop within hours after incident. Case Closed!

22 Jan 2019

TSA Agent from Washington Airport called into the Hotline to report recovered cell-phone left at check-point. STOP notified the registered owner. Recovery process is underway.

18 Jan 2019

Laptop found at Grand Central in NY. Owner has been contacted and is coordinating its retrieval.